1. Matthew’s handwritten Frontier Ruckus lyrics to fans are ending up in the hands of some confused & concerned parents:

  2. 10 new songs / November 11 / pre-order here

  3. Here’s just the start to what will be a very busy year of touring in support of Sitcom Afterlife. Full band rocknroll shows. Can’t wait. If your town isn’t on here, there’s a good chance it will be added in early 2015.

    Get yr tix here.


  4. "Darling Anonymity" from Frontier Ruckus’ 4th LP, Sitcom Afterlife. Premiered via CMJ.

    Pre-order Sitcom Afterlife now, here. Huge tour just announced—dates & tix here.


  5. innerworkingsofthesoul said: please pleaseeeee come play in Nashville soon! I am dying to see you all play because I think you are wonderful and incredibly talented

    December 6 at The Stone Fox!

  6. Harmony. Lots of which occurs on our 4th LP, Sitcom Afterlife—out November 11. (photo by Joel Williams)


  7. antideology said: what was the inspiration behind "eyelashes" ?

    the pain of treating someone I loved poorly, from what I recall. I believe it’s one of the songs where the ‘you’ is actually me—all my silverfish, all of my debts to a specific someone’s unconditional love, taken for granted.


  8. toobigtrousers said: I just wanted to say that you guys are a dream. You are everything I look forward to and your music has helped me through so much. You are my favorite band of all time and I listen to you every day. I even burned your albums to cassette so I can listen to them in my old car stereo. Unfortunately I have the worst of luck ever seeing you guys, and have never made it to a show :( when will you be back in lansing area?

    thank you so much! melting our hearts. we will hopefully be back in Lansing soon as it’s one of our favorite places to play. the closest we will be as of now is Ann Arbor for a big album release show on November 1.

  9. Physical copies are in. SITCOM AFTERLIFE. November 11.

  10. Frontier Ruckus / Sitcom Afterlife / LP4 / November 11

    (Photo taken in Detroit by Sean Cook)

  11. Cool write-up on us & our upcoming 4th LP Sitcom Afterlife in the last issue of Time Out New York, guest-edited by the lovely Susan Sarandon.

    Read reviews of the recent NYC shows from CMJ & Bowery Presents.

  13. Backyard haircuts before our show in D.C. tonight. Then it’s two shows in NYC, followed by Boston and Philly.

  14. new single hit iTunes today dudes. or spotify that sh*t.


  15. "Bathroom Stall Hypnosis"—the 2nd single from Sitcom Afterlife, due out November 11. Premiered today at PopMatters.