1. matthew milia / frontier ruckus

  2. SEATTLE living room show announced. TIX.


    Frontier Ruckus is playin’ at the Catacomb House on May 4th! It’s gonna be great! Visit the catacombcollective.com for ticket info.

  3. Matthew Milia & Anna Burch / Frontier Ruckus / 35 mm by David Jones / Baton Rouge after all-night drive

  4. Matthew Milia / Frontier Ruckus / Detroit

  5. "If the Suns Collapse" / live from a Louisville living room.

  6. Matthew Milia & Ryan “Smalls” Etzcorn / Frontier Ruckus / 35 mm photo by David W. Jones

  7. dogfacedgirl:

    I hope Matthew doesn’t see this and get mad that I stole it off Facebook and posted it on tumblr. 

  8. Frontier Ruckus / Austin, TX / Spring 2014


  9. Leaving Our Houses Late at Night by Matthew Milia

    when my mom has left
    my father’s house
    after cleaning it with such diligence

    even if the flares of volatility
    were particularly bad
    this visit

    it starts to resemble quite a lot
    the house as it looked
    years ago

    at the start
    when she lived here
    as well.

    When my mother leaves
    my father’s house
    late at night

    she asks me
    to watch out the window
    to see her to her car
    as if threats are lurking

    the way her father watched over her
    and I
    to our old Cavalier
    when we’d leave his house
    late at night.

    So I do.

  10. Anna Burch / Frontier Ruckus / photo by John Hanson

  11. move over Lisa Frank / Frontier Ruckus school supplies


  13. Frontier Ruckus / 4th LP / 2014

  14. David Winston Jones / Frontier Ruckus / photo by John Hanson 

  15. "Sad Modernity" /// Frontier Ruckus song illustration by Matthew Milia

    Commission your own song illustration here.

    (Source: sitcomuniverse)