2. Backyard haircuts before our show in D.C. tonight. Then it’s two shows in NYC, followed by Boston and Philly.

  3. new single hit iTunes today dudes. or spotify that sh*t.


  4. "Bathroom Stall Hypnosis"—the 2nd single from Sitcom Afterlife, due out November 11. Premiered today at PopMatters.

  5. In case you’d be interested in a personal recording of your favorite Frontier Ruckus song including handwritten lyrics by Matthew Milia, you can now do that HERE. (limited offer)

  6. frontier ruckus getting down / ann arbor / august 2014 / photo by sean cook

  7. Frontier Ruckus / Detroit, Michigan / photo by Sean Cook

    rub-a-dub-dub, fruckus is in the tub—keeping clean before a lengthy international tour for our 4th LP “Sitcom Afterlife” this fall.
    anywhere we should stop, in particular?

  8. make “Sad Modernity” yr summer jam: iTunes / spotify

  9. frontier ruckus / SITCOM AFTERLIFE / november 11 / can’t wait


  10. "Sad Modernity"—the debut single from Frontier Ruckus’ 4th LP Sitcom Afterlife, out November 11 on Quite Scientific Records.

  11. Sitcom Afterlife is the 4th LP from Frontier Ruckus, out November 11.

    "Sad Modernity" is the first single & you can jam it here.

  12. frontier ruckus all-stars / watch out!

  13. Frontier Ruckus / r u ready 4 the next era?

  14. Frontier Ruckus / Matthew Milia having a ball in Detroit / photo by Sean Cook

  15. smoking Turkish cigarettes in
    the thumb of the Midwest when
    the sulfur fills the trees
    on the 4th of July
    you & I
    we travel the gravel going home